Asbury Park is a rich, diverse and complicated community.  For many  years, this community grew outside the limelight.  For new visitors Asbury Park is a familiar name, but a total revelation when they finally get here , “Wow it is really coming back!” is a refrain we here often.  But for those of us who have been here for a long time, Asbury Park never left, it just went through a few rough years.  Those people, the long timers, the people who have long and deep roots in AP are “Asbury Famous”.  It doesn’t mean you will know their names or recognize their faces, although you just might! It means that in our community they are well known members.  It means we know them and when you see the city with them, you will see the real Asbury Park.  What it means to be “Asbury Famous” is that you are part of our community and its a fun, silly way to say you are one of us!