Lori Bonfitto

Jersey shore native and storyteller Lori Bonfitto is thrilled to be a part of [Paranormal Books and Curiosities] [Asbury Tour Company]’s exploration of all things macabre, mysterious and paranormal.  Lori is the author of Asbury Dark: Haunting Tales of the Jersey Shore, an anthology of fictitious short stories all set in the legendary city by the sea.  Lori got her start in performing vignettes of the uncanny way  back in the day at the Haunted Mansion in Long Branch, NJ.  She went onto the NYU Film School, continuing on in New York where she produced several off-off Broadway plays, and a son (Also an NYU Film School Grad).  When not lurking on the Boardwalk or downtown Asbury, Lori can be found on the beach in her home town of Ocean Grove making sand castles or napping.