A Story About Asbury Park

Asbury Park

People see in Asbury Park potential.  Often, they see in it themselves or what they could be within its markers.  Asbury Park is the dream that was, the dream that is and the promise of those dreams coming true.  If that sounds a little out there, forgive me, I am enchanted like everyone else.

When I came to Asbury Park in the mid 2000’s I was searching for something but I did not even know that.  Like so many others, I found it.  My Asbury Park was beaten and scarred.  It’s buildings were dark, its windows shuttered and yet, something cried out and said “Not dead yet”.  Probably it was the people I met.  These resilient misfits who planted their flag in the soil of Asbury Park and said nope, I’m not leaving.  Some of them had been here for generations, families that refused to leave the promised land they called home.  Some were nomads who rolled in on a tide and found something to keep them anchored here.  All  of them were hopeful though.  All of them had dreams.

I had dreams too and I started building my dreams.  These people, this community flourished by supporting each other, by truly loving each other and what was happening in the City by the Sea.

The history of Asbury Park is dark and twisting but also light and lyrical.  The sea and the sun inspires artists and musicians and the winter tortures just enough to make us welcome the sun again.  Asbury Park is far from perfect.  It can be mean and tough.  It can be careless and it can take your love, use it and spit it back at you.  But it is Asbury Park and we are of it.  We are the sands that drifted on the wind and found our beach right here.  We are overwrought and opinionated.  We are social justice warriors and “get off my lawn”.  We’re all of it.

Take an Asbury park Tour Company Tour about music or art or history or anything, even ghosts and you’ll meet our city.  Take an Asbury park Tour Company tour and you’ll feel what it is to be one of us.  That is all it takes to become Asbury Park..just a stroll though the city. Stay for a a little bit and you’ll feel it too.